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6 Ways to Address Child Labor & Modern Slavery

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

1. Shop Informed

Many companies outsource to countries with loose human rights laws and cheap labor. Companies, like Walmart and H&M, profit off of the exploitation of cheap labor, including child labor. These workers suffer through horrible, life-threatening working conditions and long working hours for meager salaries. Here is a list of companies that use child labor: and Hold these companies accountable by reducing your consumption and boycotting their products. We acknowledge that it is hard to stop using shops that we rely on, but take it a step at a time! Instead, look for certified fair trade labels such as Fair Trade Certified, Fairtrade America, and the Goodweave label to ensure that you’re supporting positive practices that don’t involve child labor. Here is a list of fair trade companies:

2. Support Anti-Slavery NGOs and Organizations

Whether it is through involvement or donations, it is very important to support organizations with a mission to end child labor and slavery. Don’t forget to check out their website and follow them on Instagram!

List of Organizations:

Bachpan Bachao Andolan: Instagram: @bachpanbachaoandolan

100 Million Campaign: instagram: @100_million_campaign

Unlikely Heroes: instagram: @uheroes

Slavery Footprint:

Love146: Instagram: @love146

Hope for Justice: Instagram: @hopeforjusticeintl

Free the Slaves: Instagram: @freetheslaves

Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking:

California Against Slavery: Instagram: @casjustice

Challenging Heights: Instagram: @challengingheights

3. Get Informed & Have Conversations

In order to address this issue, people must know about the problem. To make yourself and people conscience about this problem, have conversations and get educated. Check out the anti-slavery links we listed before to get information. Do research and talk with other people about this issue. Conversations are a great way to raise awareness about this issue and learn as you can be exposed to different sides of this problem.

4. Child Sponsorship

To help give children vulnerable to child labor receive an education and be safe and healthy, try child sponsorship.

Child Sponsorship Organizations:

5. Raise Your Voice

Speak up for this issue anywhere you can. And use social media to raise awareness about child labor and modern slavery and how to address it. Please forward and pass on this information!

6. Contact local, regional, and national legislators

According to (, "Ask them to pass laws that ensure no products in your city/state/country are made with child labor, and encourage them to adopt “codes of conduct” which include concern for humane, sustainable, just practices."

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