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Education Campaign: More Sustainable and Ethical Companies

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Despite being a bit burdensome on your wallet, Amour Vert has snazzy business-casual, casual, and fancy apparel.

97% of products made in California (local means less CO2)

For every tee bought they plant a tree

All sustainable fabrics (which means means no plastics like polyester and nylon)

Made in limited quantities to avoid waste, unlike large fast fashion corporations.


A women’s fashion brand selling stylish, casual, and fancy apparel.

Uses sustainable materials

Carbon neutral

Share tips to eco-friendly travel

Emphasized traceability

BATOKO: “We’re Rubbish. Literally.” Batoko is a small independent swimwear brand based on the North West coast of England.

Swimwear made out of 100% recycled plastic

Never over produced

Ethical manufacturing- they require certifications from the 2 suppliers they work with

Works with the Marine Conservation Society, Surfers Against Sewage, Action for Dolphins, Mossy Earth, and The Ocean Project.

For every lobster swimsuit bought, a lobster is reared and released back into the ocean

Involved with reforestation projects

Workspace is vegan and fueled by renewable energy

Minimal, compostable or recycled packaging


Looking for simple, chic, casual, or business-casual shoes? Look no further!

Shoes made out of recycled plastic water bottles

Shoes are vegan and made out of sustainable materials

Vegan, biodegradable, and post-consumer recycled packaging


Allbirds makes simple, athletic, and comfy looking shoes/sneakers.

Shoe laces made out of 100% recycled plastic water bottles

Sustainable materials: uses fibers such as wool, wood, and even sugar!

Use 60% less energy compared to typical synthetic shoes

90% recycled cardboard packaging


Your new sustainable alternative to Converse!

Made out of 100% recycled plastic water bottles


Looking for a sustainable alternative to Stan Smith, Adidas, or Nike sneakers? Veja is quickly gaining popularity!

They have vegan shoes→ leather is not made out of the typical plastic alternative but of 50% corn waste and polyurethane

They have B-mesh shoes (100% recycled water bottles/3 bottles per pair), J-mesh (jute, recycled cotton and PET), and fish leather


Y’all know Patagonia


A casual clothing brand and TREAD, their sustainable shoe/sneaker brand.

TREAD- shoes

94.2% recycled plastic sole

Gold Certified Tannery (47% less electricity, 62% less water, 46% less CO2)

100% recycled plastic bottled laces and linings


"...[FROM] FAST FASHION INTO ETHICAL FASHION," Pact sells casual clothing and focuses on being a “guilt free” fashion brand.

Uses organic cotton, zero harmful chemicals, and processes that use significantly less water than conventional cotton.

They offer ways to recycle and reuse their old clothing

Fair Trade Factory Certified


Kuyichi was named after the Peruvian God of the rainbow, who brings colour and positivity to society. We’re here to do the same in the fashion industry: we want to create a system that makes life fun and enjoyable for everyone in the chain.” (denim brand)

100% cotton, 100% pesticide, insecticide, and chemical fertilizer free

Collaborates with local farmers to fight against pollution and poverty

Treat and pay their workers fairly


Girlfriend Collective is a sustainable athletics brand alternative to Dick’s Sporting Goods, Nike, or Lululemon.

Their leggings and athletic wear are made out of recycled plastic water bottles

You can also recycled their clothing through ReGirlfriend once you are finished with them

They have sizes from XXS-6XL


Athleta is a B Corp stylish athletic wear company.

Uses 60% sustainable materials: organic cotton, Tencel, and recycled polyester, nylon, and primaloft eco insulation are from plastic water bottles.

70% of waste diverted from landfills

Empowered 3212 women through Fair Trade and Gap’s P.A.C.E. program.


A simple yet stylish casual clothing brand which emphasizes traceability throughout their production from the first till the final stages.

All stages of production for their clothing is in Egypt (less traveling during production = less CO2)

All organic cotton

Works directly with 620 smallholder cotton farms


Lucy and Yak sells cute and chic apparel based off of ethical production of clothes and living wages for employees in Britain.

Tailors paid 4x more than state minimum wage

Solar panels on roof of factory

Safe working conditions

Come in 100% recycled bag

100% biodegradable mailing bags

In UK people paid above living wage

Health, Beauty, and Home Goods:


Located on the second floor of Chelsea Market in Manhattan, their “On a Mission to Make the World Less Trashy!”

Sells sustainable health and beauty kits all package free!


A family that moved from the UK started a business with the goal of reducing plastic waste.

Donates a minimum of 10% of all profits to charity

Plastic free health and beauty products


A small family business “selling eco friendly home products... both handmade and ethically sourced.”

Reusable, biodegradable, and compostable products



The Loop is a service aiming to reduce waste in our daily lives. You can purchase daily necessities that come in reusable and durable packaging which you then send back to clean and refill when you are finished.

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