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Phonebank Against Voter Suppression & Police Brutality

A few months ago, Breonna Taylor was shot six times in her home by policemen. Ahmaud Arbery was killed while jogging by white supremacists. Tony McDade was shot and misgendered. And George Floyd was asphyxiated by policemen. Most of these innocent Black people have not received the justice that they deserve. And these are just the few people that have made it to the national media as countless people are victims of police brutality and racial violence just for the color of their skin. To make matters worse, every year, countless Americans, especially, people of color, students, the elderly, and people with disabilities, are unable to exercise their fundamental right to vote due to voter suppression, which is a manifestation of systemic racism. Politicians who want to manipulate political results to make them more favorable for themselves restrict people's votes through voter purges, caging, voter restriction laws, and gerrymandering. We are reminding you of these forms of injustice and some names that should never be forgotten to spark indignation and encourage you to not only act continuously, especially with the upcoming election. Honestly, there is no excuse to not act. We must all collectively fight our shared complicity and the racial violence and discrimination thousands of people in our nation face. We encourage you to use your power, platform, and voice to not only through phonebanking but also in all of our communities no matter how small or big to raise awareness for these issues and help create meaningful change.

Phonebanking is an extremely important tool because not only does it create positive change, it can help us feel more united as a community, and it can make our voices heard as young people, especially since many of us don't have the power to vote yet. You will find the resources to use that we have compiled below. This resource list contains lists of calls to make with provided scripts to policymakers, representatives, police departments, and to actual minority voters. There are also petitions, texting banks, and email addresses if you are uncomfortable with making calls. We have included organizations like Reclaim our Vote and the ACLU: People Power movement. These organizations have compiled call center software to automatically connect you to the phone numbers that we would like to utilize for this phone bank. On pages 4-11, there are instructions to make an account with these organizations and how to get started.

Resource Guide Against Voter Suppression and Police Brutality:

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