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Activism Workshops Series: Learn About Social Justice Issues to Create Meaningful Change

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Through amazing guest speaker sessions, get informed on social justice issues to take action effectively!

The first step to being an activist is understanding both sides of the issues you are trying to resolve. So from June 28 to August 23, Take Action Inc. is hosting Free Activism Workshops: Learn About Social Justice Issues to Create Meaningful Change. These workshops are for youth of ages 12 to 18 (please contact us if you would like to attend but do not fit the age range), and they will occur every Saturday or Sunday for an hour. Each workshop will focus on one issue or activism skill to help you understand the social and political landscape around you so that you can participate in activism even if you are quarantined. These workshops will be interactive, creating opportunities for you to engage in activism during the workshops and will feature inspiring and accomplished guest speakers, like professional activists, leaders of social organizations, policymakers, and more. Lastly, we will help you implement what you learn by helping you create a social venture project to address an issue in your community. Please contact if you have any questions or concerns.

Vote Informed with BallotReady

Sunday, August 30

12pm-1pm EST

Learn about how to vote informed, how that process works as well as the benefits of making a plan to vote, and how you can increase the likelihood of voting. 

Learn About and Take Action Against Child Labor and Child Trafficking in the United States with 100 Million Campaign

Saturday, August 1

12pm-1pm EST

The 100 Million campaign is a call to action for a world where all young people are free, safe, and educated. There are about 50,000 child laborers in the United States who are forced to work in inhumane working conditions. To help resolve this problem, get involved with and learn about the 100 Million Campaign's new project, called Justice for Every Child, which helps children who are forced to work during the COVID-19 pandemic. To learn more about this amazing organization, build a better world for children, and help end child labor, sign up!

How to Participate in Activism during the COVID-19 Pandemic & Phone Banking for Black Lives Matter

Take Action Inc. Founder & Executive Director Ishikaa Kothari will present on and facilitate a discussion on the importance of activism and civic engagement, describing the role of activism in history and various forms of activism. She will explain ways to take action during the COVID-19 pandemic and in one's community. The second half of the workshop will be devoted to contacting policymakers via call and email, demanding justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and countless other Black people who lost their lives from police brutality. This is an opportunity to help tackle systems of oppression and fight for justice for all, especially for the Black community, while honing one's communication and leadership skills.

Organizing and Public Narrative: Story of Self, Us, Now and Linking with March for Our Lives

Monday, August 17

5pm-6pm EST

Participants will learn to understand the basics of what organizing is, how to do it, and some of the history of organizing, how public narrative works and why personal stories matter in organizing, and practice crafting and telling a compelling story of self. 

Criminal Justice Reform and Racial Justice Education with Equal Justice Initiative 

Saturday, July 25

2pm-3pm EST


Learn about Equal Justice Initiative's work to end mass incarceration and excessive punishment in the United States and how to get involved in helping to create economic and racial justice! Education is essential to achieving equality and justice for all people and dismantling systems of oppression, so SIGN UP!


We will have other workshops the following Saturdays and Sundays, but are waiting confirmation from our guest speakers. Our other workshops will cover racial injustice, voter registration, climate change & sustainability, gender inequality, indigenous rights, and LGBT+ rights. We will let you know when we have confirmed the date.

Learn about the Intersection of Gender Inequality and COVID-19 with Generation Ratify

Saturday, August 15

12pm-1pm EST

The presentation will explore the numerous intersections of COVID-19 and Gender Equality, including but not limited to domestic violence and economic inequality. Participants will additionally learn about actions they can take to help promote gender justice during the pandemic.

Learn How to Use Art to Advocate and Take Action Against Mass Incarceration and Criminal Injustice with ARTE Founder & Executive Director Marissa Gutierrez-Vicario

Saturday, July 11

4pm-5pm EST

Learn about artivism and how to use art to advocate and take action with ARTE Founder & Executive Director Marissa Gutierrez-Vicario. The focus of this workshop will be on mass-incarceration and the criminal (in)justice system. Together, we will create zines and create impactful art pieces that share ideas, effectively raise awareness about issues, and advocate for dismantling systems of oppression. 

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