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By connecting activists to students and creating a platform for expression, Take Action Inc. aims to empower and inspire students to raise their voice and take action instantly for a cause that is meaningful to them. Take Action Inc. is a non-profit organization run by high school students. The founder and creator of Take Action Inc. is Ishikaa Kothari.

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Ishikaa Kothari
Founder and President


Eshaan Kothari
Co-Founder & President

Eshaan Kothari is the Operations Director of Take Action Inc. and is a junior in high school. Some issues he is passionate about are child servitude, human trafficking, and gender inequality. Eshaan has helped create a diversity mural for his community and developed many informational pieces on the topics of human trafficking and child labor. Additionally, Eshaan participates in various activities related to the Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation. On a more personal front, Eshaan loves to play soccer, basketball, and cricket, and he actively engages in debate and science olympiad. Eshaan’s favorite part about Take Action Inc. is that he has the opportunity to educate other youth activists on some topics which are important to him while broadening his horizons on social injustice and advocacy.

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Arjun Kothari
Creative Director and Website Manager

Arjun Kothari is a current 8th grader at Tenakill Middle School. Being the youngest in his family, he feels people’s voices should be heard regardless of age, race, religion, or sexual orientation. Arjun’s pursuit of social activism started with his fifth-grade essay and self-research on child servitude worldwide. In 6th grade, Arjun was selected through a rigorous application process to be the youngest student member to join the superintendent, teachers, and counselors of Closter schools along with parents to promote diversity, increase cultural awareness, and implement a more varied curriculum than a Eurocentric one. Arjun appreciates how Take Action Inc. allows him to carry out his passion for social activism by bringing light to issues like racism, gender inequality, and climate change.

Ishikaa Kothari is the Founder and President of Take Action Inc. She is currently a sophomore in college. Ishikaa started this nonprofit when she was 14-years-old. Facing oppressive gender norms and racial discrimination from an early age, Ishikaa learned she could not remain silent as injustice persisted. As a woman of color, she hopes to grow a grassroots movement that represents all youth voices in an intersectional matter. Ishikaa believes that activists cannot advocate for social justice by uplifting some voices and excluding others. Kothari, advocating for gun control and the eradication of child servitude, also volunteers for Everytown for Gun Safety and the 100 Million Campaign. Kothari’s favorite thing about Take Action Inc. is its potential to help youth realize their unlimited potential to create meaningful change by giving them the tools to take action. The issues most important to Ishikaa are racial and gender inequality, child servitude, and gun violence.


Lea Hostetter-Habib
Press & Communications Director

Lea Hostetter-Habib is a current high school junior at Riverdale Country School in the Bronx. She has a deep passion for pursuing social justice and activism in and outside of her own community. She joined Take Action Inc. last year to help spark that same passion in others to raise their voices about a cause meaningful to them. Since she joined over the past year, she has co-led the Take Action chapter at her school, and she became the creative director for the non-profit. She works to run the social media account, and within her own community, she has worked to implement awareness around mental health, inform students on upcoming protests, run book drives, and help other students pursue their own activism careers. Some personal causes most meaningful to her include wildlife conservation, sustainability, and gender and racial equality. She hopes to continue working with Take Action Inc. to continue her advocacy and to help students from all over gain the tools necessary to raise their voices and speak out.


Shriya Vattimilli
Creative Director

Shriya Vattimilli is a current high school junior at Northern Valley Regional Highschool at Demarest  in New Jersey. She is a part of the musical department and enjoys singing and acting. She has been dancing both Bharatanatyam and Bollywood for 14 year and is currently working on completing her arangetram.  In her freetime, she is working on a research paper discussing important issues related to intersectional feminism and how western beauty standards affect the POC community. She has a deep passion for working with kids and has volunteered in India at a school for children with autism spending time with the children and teaching them the alphabet, reading books, picking up food, and teaching them vowels. As a woman of color she hopes working with Take Action Inc continues broadening her knowledge on social injustice and empowering others to use their voice and speak out. 

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Aditya Madiraju
Community Engagement Director

Aditya Madiraju is the community engagement director of Take Action Inc and is a current senior at the Bergen County Academies in the Academy for the Advancement of Science and Technology. Aditya is very passionate about the space sciences and hopes to tackle the issues of sustainability and gender disparities in STEM related fields. He feels very strongly about helping the next generation pursue their goals and passions because he believes young people have the capacity to achieve great things given the right help.


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