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DUE DATE: September 1, 2023 by 11:59 pm EST

ABOUT TAKE ACTION INC: By informing youth on social justice issues through accessible educational materials, connecting them with experts for mentorship, and providing a supportive activist network of 50,000+ youth, Take Action Inc. empowers youth to advocate for causes that are meaningful to them and create transformative change in their communities. **Take Action Inc. is looking for passionate, committed, and diligent activists dedicated to fulfilling this mission.

OPEN JOB POSITIONS (Directors have the liberty to define their role and engage in other activities that are not a part of their job description):

Content Director: Responsible for brainstorming and pitching ideas for the blog, resource guides, webinars, social justice campaigns, and other projects; editing and writing content; overseeing writers

Creative Director: Responsible for crafting the aesthetic of Take Action Inc. in a way that effectively informs and mobilizes action; graphic designing; managing and curating social media platforms; leading resistance through art projects; brainstorming merchandise ideas

Community Engagement Director: Responsible for managing and coordinating between chapters (regional/state directors), volunteers, mentors, partners, and broader activist community/network; encouraging and assisting youth activists to get involved in Take Action Inc.; directing the mentorship program (

Technology Director: Responsible for improving and running website and other Take Action Inc. and other platforms; editing videos; moderating and running virtual meetings and workshops; offering technical support

Press, Media, and Communications Director: Responsible for sending and responding to emails; crafting newsletters, press releases, and (online) flyers; soliciting media coverage, donations, grants, and partnerships; coordinating between the Executive Team; fundraising; mobilizing social justice campaigns

Organizing & Policy Director: Responsible for organizing and leading rallies/protests/marches/demonstrations and social justice campaigns; researching and advocating for important policy; training and guiding new organizers/activists/mentees on field/online organizing, lobbying, and other activism skills; mobilization


- Compensation (Check form for specific amount)

- An exceptional opportunity to grow as an activist, create transformative change internationally and in your communities, and empower more youth activists as a leader!

- A chance to build a movement and launch your own social justice campaigns

- Resume credit/letters of recommendation (Great for college/high school applications)

- Free access to Take Action Inc.'s extensive activist network, resources, and merchandise

TIME COMMITMENT: About 7.5-10 hrs/wk (Even though it is incredibly important that every member of the Executive Team is operating consistently and effectively, we value your time and wellness and are willing to be flexible.)

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