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What is Activism?

Activists are often stereotyped as hostile, radical, and rebellious people. This misconception is promoted by powerful politicians and people that favor the status quo and are against changes created by activists. Buying into the false narrative, people forget that activists are actually people who create positive change and take action for causes meaningful to them. The world would not be the same without diligent and passionate activists, like MLK, Susan B. Anthony, Mahatma Gandhi, or Greta Thunberg. Activism is not always protesting in rallies or partaking in civil disobedience, but it is being the change anywhere you can, in a school, town, or the online world. Activism can be conducted through various means, like through art and technology. We possess the power to shape the future, so take risks and action for what you believe in! Start your own movement though Take Action or start your activism journey by following Take Action’s steps on easy ways to address issues!!!

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