Anti-Racism Resources: 10 Ways to Take Action as an Ally for Black Lives

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

We are all complicit. America’s system of institutionalized racism has left no one untouched. We all hold internal biases, which feed into this oppressive system. Of course, it is incredibly important to take action now, but what truly matters is continuous action even when no one is watching or when the spotlight is not shining on this issue. It should not have to take the brutal murdering of more Black people to encourage us to be a part of the Black Lives Matter movement and participate in anti-racism work. Follow some of these steps or others to continuously take action and fight for justice for Black lives! Because George Floyd's life mattered! Breonna Taylor's life mattered! Tony McDade's life mattered! All Black Lives Matter!

This resource list is a joint effort and is open to corrections and additions to ensure that it can be as impactful and helpful as possible. Please make your suggestion here.

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